LaRouche Democrats, Black Men With Guns, and Socialist Jokers…

It’s been an entertaining week in the world of epic media failures.

First up: CNN. Obviously, a hard core right winger bringing a photo of Obama as Hitler… right?

Except… she was not a Republican, conservative, libertarian, or otherwise right of center… she’s a LaRouche Democrat. LaRouche Democrats are basically cult members, and are by all accounts a far left fringe group. Google them if you’re interested… I learned of them not all that long ago and spent entirely too long researching… it’s like watching a train wreck. Their weekly brainwashings in the form of internet video are full of rage against the British Empire (yeah, I know, it doesn’t exist anymore… but why burst their bubble?) and worship of Lyndon LaRouche, who they hail as the most brilliant economist ever. However, they have a strong dislike for President Obama and refer to him as a “puppet of the British empire”, which explains their contempt, and why they would make a scene at a Town Hall.

CNN, however, felt no need to clarify this, and instead used it as a hit piece on those crazy right wingers who are obviously so filled with hatred. Which brings us to the gloriously doctored MS-NBC piece.

The ever-brilliant Contessa Brewer got her knickers in a bunch over the presence of guns at a rally, firing off this comment:

“A man at a pro-health care reform rally…wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on his shoulder and a pistol on his hip….there are questions about whether this has racial overtones….white people showing up with guns.”

Translation: Guns are RAAAACIST! The awesome part? They were talking about a black man. However, you wouldn’t know that from watching this video:

That’s right. They edited it to make sure that you could not tell the man toting guns was, in fact, not an angry white man looking to kill a black president. But that would be an inconvenient truth, no? It’s a lot harder to make a case that carrying guns is racially charged when the person exercising their 2nd Amendment rights is, well, not white.

And last but not least, the Socialist Joker posters that sprung up… not so much a right wing nut job either. That, I’ll concede, was a little less of a jump to make… however, it was a jump nonetheless and it backfired.

“I abstained from voting in November,” 20-year-old college student Firas Alkhateeb told the Los Angeles Times. “Living in Illinois, my vote means close to nothing as there was no chance Obama would not win the state.” Still, he added, had he voted, he would have thrown his ballot to Kucinich, famously a punching bag for right-wing types.

So much for the RAAAACISM cries there, too…

Moral of the story: Not all dissenters are white, and not all dissenters are conservative, but the media is working feverishly to make it seem like we’re all racist, angry, extremists with our fingers on the trigger. That teeny tiny minority of whackos that are keeping the black man down. I suppose it’s too much to expect honest reporting this day in age… but that doesn’t remove accountability.

5 Responses to LaRouche Democrats, Black Men With Guns, and Socialist Jokers…

  1. We have a substantial population of Larouchies demonstrating in Boston, actually. I actually stopped to try to talk sense into them one time – didn’t work. Now I just snub them off whenever I see them.

    Left-wing victicrats like Contessa Brewer are all about milking the race card for any socialist anti-freedom agenda they can get their hands on.

    Obama doesn’t believe in the “bipartisan” approaches he talked about in his campaign. He believes in labeling all dissenters to his socialism as “right-wing extremists” and shutting them down.

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  3. Great blog and you cannot be more right. Keep up the good work!!

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