Did anyone actually think recovery.gov would be accurate?

Really, who thought their goal was to actually hold the government accountable? It was a sham from the get go.

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: The chairman of the Obama administration’s Recovery Board is telling lawmakers that he can’t certify jobs data posted at the Recovery.gov Web site — and doesn’t have access to a “master list” of stimulus recipients that have neglected to report data.

You don’t have a list of those who haven’t reported? That’s because they never bothered setting up a real committee to monitor where the money went. Gee, who saw that one coming?

I wish I could be shocked and astounded that they haven’t done their jobs. I wish it was totally baffling that they would make up districts that don’t exist to account for stimulus money… but anyone who was paying attention to the way this stimulus atrocity was structured could see it coming back in February. There were no controls. There was no oversight. The absurdly patronizing Recovery.gov site was never intended to be an accountability tool – it’s there to make the American public feel better about their support for the disaster their President pushed through.

This is predictable, but no less embarrassing. Yay for government efficiency!

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