Union Hypocrisy on Display: The UFCW

Things are crazy enough in our political landscape that it’s become difficult to tell what is comedy and what is real.

The report on the United Food and Commercial Workers union done by the Jon Stewart show blurred that line this week. They sent a correspondent to meet with Mike Gittings, the leader of the local 711, which represents around 7,000 members.

For those of you unfamiliar with the UFCW, this is the union that has been leading the charge against Wal-Mart for paying their employees minimum wage and not providing enough benefits. In the Daily Show interview, Gittings lamented the lack of recourse employees have when their hours are cut, stating that these values should be “afforded to every working American.”

What the Daily Show found when it talked to the Wal-Mart picketers in Nevada was that they, well, paid their “protesters” – astroturf, if you will – minimum wage with no benefits. Not only that, they then cut their hours… leaving their non-union employees with no recourse.

Sucks when the shoe’s on the other foot, huh?

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I suppose it all comes down to greed, right Gittings?

More from RedState:

According to reports on file with the US Department of Labor, UFCW Local 711 spent $250,735 on “temprorary help” (picketers) in 2009, plus more than $30,000 on two “picket line supervisors.”

5 Responses to Union Hypocrisy on Display: The UFCW

  1. He definitely makes a good case for Walmart. When asked why 711 pays minimum wage- he says it is because of limited resources. Shocking, downright shocking and here I thought it was because they were greedy.

  2. I work in a place that is governed by a union contract. I an not, however, required to be a dues paying member. What I have seen in my 15 years there is that the union members try to get paid just as much as they can and get by with doing just as little work as they can get away with. Management lets the contract do the managing for them so they don’t have to actually deal with issues. It creates a situation where there is no incentive at all for outstanding performance. Everyone is paid the same regardless of skills, output, or work ethic. The squeaky wheels get the grease, usually the laziest union members. Funny thing is that the vast majority of my coworkers are conservative republicans, but they give their money to a very left-leaning organization. They complain about the current administration, but it’s their money that helped put them there. Talk about hypocrisy!

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