The morning after.

I wrote this for a group of blogger friends. They suggested I make it public. Here is my emotional spill the morning after.

I’m tired.

I’m tired of the Establishment vs. Tea Party wars. I’m tired of Republicans still treating tea partiers like idiots for being outraged. The tea party protested Mitt. We fought his nomination. Then we rallied around him anyway, and we still lost. If you don’t get why that’s infuriating and disheartening and why people need to be angry about it, fine. Berating them is the opposite of helpful and encourages the indignation. If Republicans can’t win WITH the Tea Party, what makes you think you have a snowball’s chance in hell without us?

I spent the primary being told to shut up, you’ll fall in line anyway. I said I wouldn’t, but I did. I thought I was doing the right thing. Obama was too scary, and Mitt is a good man. What did it get me? The most bitter loss I could have imagined, because everyone actually thought we had a chance this time. Mitt was the electable one, after all. Surely the GOP brain trust had info we didn’t and Romney was really the smart choice, despite what the grassroots told them.

I’m tired of the circular firing squads (which “establishment” types are EVERY BIT as guilty of). The self-flagellation and naval gazing are inevitable, and we all need a break. I know that I, for one, am completely burned out and broken hearted. There’s no way I’m going to be effective without a recovery period.

I don’t know what it means when our everything is not good enough. It hurts when you give your life to something for four years and fail miserably. I’ve cried. Hell, I’m still crying. I’ve lost sleep. This week, I reassess. Will I still fight? I don’t know how to do anything else. I have to believe that freedom will win.

I moved to DC in 2009 in a beat up Nissan full of nothing but my clothes, slept on an air mattress for 4 months and was totally broke and miserable. Somehow I met all of you guys and things just… Worked. This network we have built, this alternative media we are creating is critical. We are having an impact and it can only grow.

A friend sent a reply to a despondent message from me last night and I want to share it.

“You are leading new generation of conservative journos/social media mavens. You planted seeds that will bear much fruit. This is bigger than one election.”

That’s all I have to offer today. We gave it our all and it was a good fight. Rest. Spend time with your families. We will pick up the torch soon.

22 Responses to The morning after.

  1. Great courage and well said and I echo your statement “Will I still fight? I don’t know how to do anything else. I have to believe that freedom will win.”. May I add this … Truth will win and even now has done so.

  2. God Bless, Tabitha. Well said. Terribly bitter loss. Everyone needs to rest for a bit, but the fight continues on.

  3. I admire your courage moving to DC aspiring to do something you love. Keep it up.

  4. Thank you for your passion, efforts, and perseverance as we strive to save the foundation of this republic. You’re wise to defer this struggle and allow yourself a period of peaceful reconstitution. These next 48 months will certainly be a trying period and your strength and mettle will be much needed.

  5. Tabitha, you have such a sweet spirit and passion to ignite others to follow your example. I believe many of us are in a state of shock…….more than just a presidential election………but a battle of good versus evil. But this is just one battle………..good will prevail! God bless you, Tabitha………..

  6. Your eloquent words are my sentiments exactly. We have 5 children ranging in ages from 5 to 17. I’m am so scared for their future. I know God’s plan is perfect, and we must have faith. It’s just today, I feel so dejected and helpless. It bothers me to the core that I saw a poll this morning that shows 49% Americans ages 19-29 believe socialism is better than capitalism. 49%!!!! Our schools, mainstream media, families, churches, & gov’t are all failing us.

  7. Tabitha, thank you for all you do. I stumbled upon your twitter account 3 years ago and have learned a lot. I wasn’t one to voice my political opinion but gathering information from you and people I discovered through you, I gained the confidence and facts to effectively voice my opinion to friends and was able to change a couple minds. As your friend said, you are setting the table for the future of journalism. Get some rest, continue praying for our country and get ready for the next round of elections.

  8. Henrietta Hughes

    The GOP has failed us miserably. They received a MANDATE in 2010 to knock of the ridiculous spending and liberty encroachment going on in DC. The house holds the purse strings, yet we still wound up with $1 trillion+ deficits annually, $6 trillion in new debt, a debt ceiling increase, NDAA, CISPA and a bunch of other crap that– guess what– Obama did not do by himself. The GOP house voted FOR it! How’s that for a kick in the pants? I’m in NY where Obama was a lock anyway, so I took the opportunity to vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson. There are things I disagree with him on, but a lot I do. I record number of people voted for him last night– over 1.1 million, I think. If we can get them to over 5%, they have access to the same funding as dems and reps for campaigns. Dems and Reps outspent them 667:1 and they still got over 1 million votes. That says something. Many GOP stalwarts, and even tea partiers eschew libertarians, but conservatives and libertarians all have much more in common than that which they do not. Maybe if the GOP has some serious competition, they will start doing what they tell us they’ll do so we vote for them.

  9. Good Lord dear, it was Mitt’s pandering to the Tea party agenda and support of people like Akin and Murdock, that lost you the election. Moderate, establishment, Mass. Mitt would have won this election.

  10. Your words help.
    God Bless you, ma’am.

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  14. I call it the Alexis de Tocqueville effect.
    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”
    ― Alexis de Tocqueville
    Last night we passed the tipping point.
    I actually have hope for this country. Just as Obama had to tell the american people that the jobs were not as shovel ready as he thought. There will come a day (soon) when he will have to look at those people on the public dole and say I know I promised it, but there is no more money for you, we have run out of other peoples money to give you. Then it will be the democrats that will be vilanized as people realize that what the liberals have been doing for decades is simply a shell game. The game will stop when their lies are laid bare and they are exposed, socialism has and will never work as a sustainable for of governance. You will always run out of other peoples money to spend. The said part is that the people who voted for him, the ones addicted to the public trough, are the ones who will fall the farthest and the hardest with no one to blame other than themselves and the democratic party for living under an illusion.

  15. Your words sound reminiscent of mine I blogged this morning. Altho, I didn’t mention anything political, your words echoed mine. And I am sure they echo many other people’s thoughts/concerns/etc out there as well.

    I do love these words especially from you tho…

    “Will I still fight? I don’t know how to do anything else. I have to believe that freedom will win.”

    I love these words because that attitude is what will set us apart. THAT kind of attitude is what will keep this country free. We give up – we become one of the many who do not feel the need to fight.

  16. Maria Whitehead

    Tabitha, you are such a blessing. I remember I ‘met’ you online thru Smart Girl Politics, Twitter was the new thing. Your Pink Elephephant Pundit blog one day shortly after that, you posted about having struggled with how much of a fight all of this is, it is such a pull on our time and emotions. But you had come to the conclusion that it was worth it and you were in it for the long haul. It was obviously long ago, 2008 I imagine. But, it moved me, sparked something, and I’ve always remembered that. You are the age of my oldest son (who proudly voted and his wife, they are quite upset, my 19 yr old youngest, in FT Hood, is like me a hot head, and is just completely po’d) and I just admired the heck out of you, and it gave me then, and gives me so much hope now, that our young generation is not lost. There is a remnant. The colonists who wanted independence were not the majority. Most everyone wanted to go along to get along. But, the colonists who wanted independence were relentless, persuasive, and let’s face it, they had God on their side. I pray you will be refreshed and freshly inspired. I pray we will all take a breath, quiet our hearts and minds, listen for the whisper of God, then go fight. I’m thinking about all we have to do to get ready for 2014. I’ll give $ every month if I know we have a plan that is a good, we have got to win the Senate, and get a ground game ready for 2016. I couldn’t have written this yesterday, too heartbroken, horrified and shell shocked. I am better today. Hope you will be soon. Thanks for this post, it resonates. I can’t imagine how hard it must be on you and the others in the front lines. But you are not alone, and it is not in vain!

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  18. Beautifully said.
    From one cryer to another.
    Keep fighting the good fight!

  19. It may be too late. America is now officially a welfare nation. Worst sign was the loss of Florida Cubans even with Marco Rubio being the GOP Senator there. Cubans have no immigration issues. If they reach our shores they are granted asylum. Most are religious Catholics. Most oppose Gay marriage and abortion. So how did we lose them? Must be Govt Programs and freebies.

  20. This fight proves America as a country is not yet prepared to be redeemed; it still needs to go through the fire. Think of The Dark Knight Nolan Trilogy. Tea Party and all thought we had taken enough beatings and the fall for things (immigration policy, The Bush’s, War on Women, GBLT Equality, etc) and we won a small victory, politcally (2010 elections) and we thought that being the hero we needed, but didn’t deserve right now was enough for America…We thought that The end of The Dark Knight was the darkest before the dawn…We were wrong…Now we sit in a cell, broken back, with a television playing, showing us the systematic destruction of ‘our city’, nearly in absolute ruin and despair by a villain who cares about nothing but destroying everything we believe in. I will not allow this to beat me; it’s time to walk through the fire. Do not avoid fear, use it. Fight harder because you fear the country will die. Rise.

  21. It’s almost a month down the road since that night, and I’m still in shock. But the wheels have been turning, and here are some things they have churned out:

    1. The negativity from the candidates needs to stop. Campaign staffers search through old videos and high school yearbooks to find the worst thing they can say about their opponent…and that’s just the Republican side. By the time Romney won the nomination, he and the other candidates were all shot full of bullet holes, and none of the bullets were fired by the Obama campaign. The real opponent who should have been the focus of every candidate’s scorn was Barack Obama, but he seemed to escape unscathed. Imagine each Republican candidate focusing laser-sharp on Obama’s missteps and intentional sins. It would have been glorious.

    2. The negativity from Republicans in general needs to stop. The moment the candidates declared their intentions to run, the blogosphere divided into armed camps and started firing at each other. While it’s understandable to prefer your own personal favorite for President, there’s no need to disrespect other people’s choices. We’re all on the same side, or at least we should be – against Obama. Even after Romney won the nomination, some people were still vowing to vote for anyone but him or Obama, because they would never vote for a RINO. This process must have been immensely entertaining for Democrats to watch.

    3. The next Presidential candidate we select needs to be more aggressive with the Democrat. The last two have been too nice. The country is approching financial ruin, and we can’t afford to be nice any more, so sharpen those fangs and bite hard.

    4. I blame myself for Romney’s loss. I sat at my computer keyboard and churned out words in his support. I thought that and casting my vote would be enough, but it wasn’t. I didn’t put up or distribute yard signs or bumper stickers. I didn’t write letters to the editors of my local newspapers. I didn’t volunteer as a precinct committeeman. I didn’t pound the pavement and go door to door, building enthusiasm for the Republican candidate(s). I didn’t go around on election day, offering people car rides to go and vote. I didn’t act as a polling place observer to ensure that there were no illegal actions taking place. I didn’t provide an escort for the transport of the ballots from the polling place to the location where they were counted, to make sure they weren’t replaced or destroyed. So, yeah – it’s my fault. Next time, things will be different.

    We have the Constitution and we have the House. Obama can’t do too much damage as long as the separation of powers exists. We’ll be okay, but we have to learn our lesson or this will keep happening to us.

  22. Put your pain in a box. Lock it down.
    We lost a battle, not the war.

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