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But of COURSE conservatives are paranoid!

Remember all the outcry when we raised hell about President Obama’s address to students? Our concerns were “baseless“. We’re clearly nothing but “paranoid right wing nut jobs“. And of course, don’t forget RAAAACIST!! Fine, other Presidents have spoken to students before. THAT is not what we took issue with! How many Presidents issued study guides? And how many treated everything the President said as fact? I wrote about this yesterday:

So much for objectivity, right? As I said yesterday, the things that are being presented as fact are, well, not so much fact. When the experts are still hotly debating the legislation, and there can be no clear answers derived from the bill itself, it is NOT fact. Go read this, from HSLDA.

The most interesting thing about the abortion issue? BOTH sides are protesting! The right is angry because they believe it IS included, and the left is angry for the opposite reason. The wording is SO loose that no one actually knows what’s in it. The fact that a teacher presumes to know the truth and teach it to the class as fact is inexcusable. Of course, abortion is NOT the only issue. The rest of the numbers used are skewed at best, if not flat out wrong. Such as the number of people who are uninsured, which mysteriously changes. This is EXACTLY the issue we were concerned about. Then yesterday, this video was released (which I’m sure most of you have seen by now): So this is all after the fact. Are we just looking for things to justify our accusations after the fact? No. My first cue that there would be indoctrination of children involved was this: THIS IS NOT NORMAL. And parents are right to object. When there are teachers like Diantha Harris around, there is a justifiable concern for parents who are sending their children to public school every day. So lefties, keep your head in the sand. Pretend your children are independent thinkers. But if you think your 5 year old has the intellect and wit to out-think an authority figure and come to their own conclusions regarding the President of the United States, I feel for your child.

Indoctrination: Quizzed on Obama's speech

From Smart Girl Nation:

A member’s daughter, a senior in high school, had come home upset because, although the speech was not shown in her school, her anatomy teacher had made the class watch the President’s health care speech. After the video was shown, the students were given a short quiz about the speech. The questions asked gave the assumption that the answers provided in the President’s speech were fact and not opinion. The students were given no opportunity to discuss opposing views or have a debate on the topic. In fact, when one student stated that the President had lied, the student was told that kind of talk was unnecessary. Students in the class with opposing views were forced to remain silent or whisper amongst themselves.

The daughter of our member was so upset about what had occured that she refused to finish the quiz and brought it home to her mother for review. A copy of the quiz is provided below. Some of these students were educated on the health care debate going on in the country, while others simply took the information as fact and filled out their quiz. For those students, President Obama’s speech was their education. Is that not considered indoctrination?

So all the lefties that laughed and did the “I told you sos” over the speech. It was obviously scrubbed once the parents across the country raised hell. They didn’t hand out the study guides that they’d previously shown. Things were changed.

However, it’s become a battle between the education system and parents. You cannot present things that are not facts as, well, fact. I know from my own experience in the public education system that there are things that are just accepted by teachers as truth, when really, they’re not… mostly centering around religion and science and history. It is then passed on to students as truth. It’s a trend, one that has been heading heading leftward since the 60′s. This is the culmination of that.

The responsiblity of an educator is to present fact and facilitate critical thinking and dicussion. Spoonfeeding high school students misinformation as fact is not okay on any level.

If pundits and other political and health care professionals still do not have the answers to the questions asked in the quiz, there is no solid ground for the teacher to be presenting this as fact.

Education fail. Reason #48975478 I want to home school my kids.

Kudos to SGP and Michelle Malkin for bringing this public.

Obama's Revival of the Republican Party

Upside of this administration: We all thought the GOP was dead. And slowly, they’re remembering what it means to be a Republican. Stacy Mott has said, and I’ve often quoted, that Obama is currently the leader of the conservative movement.

Let’s face it, he’s done more to mobilize us than anyone else has. The numbers from the 9/12 march, and at rallies across the country, have proved that this is more than a fringe contingent of the right. Despite what any media source would have you believe.

Ben Stein writes:

You have named men to office so wildly irresponsible, so extreme in their positions, so vulgar in their means of expression, that they have made the Republican Party regain its of gleam of gentility and good graces. I am not talking only about the tough guy/ballet dancer Rahm Emanuel, who screamed like a jilted drunken sorority girl at GOP leaders after Joe Wilson’s outburst (itself a disgrace) last Wednesday night.”

He has brought more energy and conviction to Republicans and the right than I thought possible six months ago. So, for that I thank you, President Obama. You are exposing the flaws in liberal policy faster than anyone else in recent history has been able to – even Jimmy Carter.

A few months ago I’d given up on the party. Now, I see a glimmer of hope. I see Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Mike Pence turn out for the 9/12 rally, and say the things that conservatives have been dying to hear from their Congressmen.

Granted, there are those that still need to be held accountable. There are those that I still have no use for. McCain adviser Mark McKinnon said this last week:

Mark McKinnon, a former adviser to Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and other Republicans, said there is an “opportunity for Republicans” to tap into legitimate fears about an overreaching federal government. But he said that “right-wing nutballs are aligning themselves with these movements” and are dominating media coverage.

“It’s bad for Republicans because in the absence of any real leadership, the freaks fill the void and define the party,” McKinnon said.

So now we’re not only extremists, nut jobs, a mob, racist, etc… but one of the men who was supposed to be one our side refers to us as “freaks”. McKinnon, maybe if there were a leader who did his job and stopped pretending to be a Democrat to appeal to both sides, we wouldn’t have an absence of leadership. The fact that we don’t have a real leader tells me two things:

  1. This is a movement of the people. This is bottom up. This is grassroots. There is no top down organization happening – anyone paying attention knows there ISN’T anyleadership.
  2. The former leaders have been pushed aside, because we have decided that they don’t represent us. And I’m good with that.

I can honestly say that at this moment I’m grateful Barack Obama won the election, if for no other reason than to get us off our butts and force us to pay attention. I have very little faith that John McCain would have done a better job… and Republicans would still have been taking the blame. If Obama is the fall out from 8 years of Bush, I would hate to see what the fall out would be if another Republican screwed things up. The rapidfire legislation and the grandeur of this administration has provided a stark contrast, and put things in perspective for many.

For the first time, I say thank you, President Obama. You’ve given us the wake up call we needed to mobilize.

Last Night's Live Tweet

5:03 – Once again, watching so you don’t have to… Live tweeting tonight’s event. :)

6:44 – Okay. Sitting in the living room fixin’ to livetweet this overblown event of a speech for all you fine people. You can thank me later.

6:49 – Okay. Sitting in the living room fixin’ to livetweet this overblown event of a speech for all you fine people. You can thank me later.

6:49 – Oh look, it’s my BFF Pelosi in a red suit. And pearls. Sigh… why do I feel liked they’ve been tainted now? (@rightgirl)

6:51 – Wait did they say “He’s got to crack heads” or “He’s got crackheads”? Very different.

6:52 – Wait did they say “He’s got to crack heads” or “He’s got crackheads”? Very different.

6:53 – “Day by day, his leadership quality is dripped away”… from CNN?

6:56 – I do. RT @becs09 @pinkelephantpun better to say u have 2 lunatics with you live tweeting. Btw @mkiessling u & me..This could get loud & ugly

6:58 – “Nobody thinks they’re safe in this crazy election cycle”… AMEN!

6:59 – 62% of Americans still support public option. What polls are you reading CNN??? What the hell.

7:00 – And they pulled the Kennedy widow card. Awesome. $5 there will be tears.

7:00 – What is with the creepy Biden/Pelosi silent exchanges?

7:02 – “The Democrats will give no doubt give him standing ovations. The Republicans, not so much.”

7:03 – @itsonlywords Oh good LORD. Can we imagine a Biden/Pelosi love child?

7:03 – Red power suits amok.

7:04 – DELTOIDS! RT @TeresaKopec: Darn. Michelle wears sleeves this time. What will we all talk about tomorrow? #Obama

7:05 – RT @secupp: OMG, major disaster at health care speech: Hill and Pelosi wearing same outfit. I smell a cat fight…

7:07 – Can Obama wear a red power suit? PLEASE?

7:08 – I smell a teleprompter malfunction.

7:09 – “President really prefers bipartisanship”…. BS. Why isn’t Obama talking yet? Is he lost?

7:09 – So. Much. Red.

7:11 – Thinking the red is symbolic.

7:11 – And…. here he is. Finally.

7:14 – 3 full minutes of clapping?

7:17 – RT @becs09: Please note, Pelosi spoke and @pinkelephantpun didn’t break the TV (but did comment)

7:18 – Omg PLEASE sit down so we can get through this!

7:19 – “I can say with confidence that we have pulled this economy back from the brink.” Yes, Obama. It was ALL you.

7:19 – RT @JoeyBiden: Check me out. Im currently blinking 175 times per minute

7:21 – “We’re the only wealthy nation that allows such hardship for it’s citizens”

7:22 – Now we’re down to 39 million uninsured? I thought it was 46 million.

7:23 – And here we go with the horror stories. Shall we go on with our socialized medicine horror stories?

7:23 – And we’re standing again.

7:23 – This is what @seanhackbarth means when he says the right needs to get better at story telling

7:23 – RT @itsonlywords: @pinkelephantpun Yes, life is hard in America. That’s why no one ever crosses our borders illegally in order to live here.

7:24 – “We’re paying a hidden and growing tax for those who are without it”… and that’s BEFORE HR3200!


7:26 – Standing again. Can we count the standing ovations? We’re at 4 right now.

7:27 – The Senate finance committee announced that it will move forward next week.

7:27 – “Unprecedented coalitions that have opposed reform in the past.” But I can buy them off! This will CHANGE!

7:28 – And Obama channels a black preacher “Now is the TIME TO DELIVER HEALTH CARE!”

7:29 – Wait, this plan is incorporating Republican ideas? Where? Enlighten me please, oh great one.

7:29 – Here is comes: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PLAN!

7:31 – “As soon as I sign this bill, it will be illegal for insurance companies to drop your coverage”. Because I am Jesus and I MAKE LAWS.

7:31 – 6 standing O’s

7:31 – 7 standing Os

7:32 – Are they clapping to give the teleprompter a chance to cue up? Seriously, let him finish a sentence!

7:32 – RT @AmandaCarpenter: It boggles the mind we are still debating insurance coverage policies and not how to make health care cheaper.

7:33 – Wait did he say we’re a democracy? Aren’t we a Republic?

7:33 – 8 standing Os

7:33 – Joe still blinking like his salary depends on it.

7:34 – Pelosi trying hard to keep up with crazy Joe’s spastic eyelids.

7:34 – McCain getting the warm fuzzies from O’s compliment

7:34 – 9 standing Os

7:35 – Still haven’t heard a word about tort reform.

7:36 – 9.5 standing Os. They’re getting tired.

7:37 – Ooh key controversies. Here we go.

7:37 – “Bogus claims from people who kill reform at any cost” – it’s NOT about being anti reform! How about the RIGHT reform?

7:38 – 11 standing Os.

7:39 – 12 standing Os.

7:41 – Is Biden lost? Did someone hide his toys?

7:41 – 13 standing Os.

7:41 – Obama: I just want to hold them accountable.

7:41 – 14 standing Os.

7:42 – RT @HeyTammyBruce: The man with 30 czars wants to hold other people accountable? Priceless.

7:43 – Not yet darlin’! RT @Rschrim: Is there a Insurance Accountability Czar?

7:43 – I really want to know where this statistical support for a public option is coming from. Can someone send it to me?

7:44 – “The public option is a means to the end.”

7:44 – 15 standing Os.

7:45 – 16 standing Os.

7:45 – 17 standing Os.

7:46 – “I will make sure that no bureaucrat stands between you and the coverage you need” – well, my mind is officially at ease!

7:46 – “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits”.

7:46 – 18 standing Os.

7:49 – “The only thing this plan would eliminate is waste and fraud.”

7:49 – 19 standing Os. Still taking their cues from Princess.

7:50 – “Don’t pay attention to the scary stories” – or the man behind the curtain!!

7:50 – “That will not happen on my watch! I will protect medicare!”

7:50 – 20 standing Os.

7:52 – 21 standing Os.

7:53 – 22 standing Os.

7:54 – “We are security. Not higher taxes.”

7:55 – 23 standing Os.

7:56 – Tears. You all owe me $5 bitches.

7:57 – Watching Biden try to cry without moving his forehead is completely captivating.

8:00 – RT @AnnaTarkov: America has always been known for its self-reliance & rugged individualism. Now it’s time to put a stop to all that nonsense

8:02 – I feel like I’m going to throw up.

8:02 – “I know some are remaining skeptical that the government is looking out for them.”

8:03 – “I still believe! I still believe!” And we’re a preacher again.

8:04 – Total count: 25 standing Os.

8:06 – I can’t take this. I’m retreating from the television.

I love when Sarah Palin uses her brain.

Just to be up front: I like Palin, but am not a real supporter of her. I’ve been pretty open about the things I view as her flaws. But she’s been out in force this week and I love it. First, there was the op-ed she published in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

Common sense tells us that the government’s attempts to solve large problems more often create new ones. Common sense also tells us that a top-down, one-size-fits-all plan will not improve the workings of a nationwide health-care system that accounts for one-sixth of our economy. And common sense tells us to be skeptical when President Obama promises that the Democrats’ proposals “will provide more stability and security to every American.”

Here’s the thing. I have no desire for the government to provide security for me. They are supposed to keep us from getting blown up and/or nuked, and that’s it. There should be no financial security coming from those who destroy everything they touch. There will be no great efficiency. There will be no paring down and elimination of the status quo, as they try so hard to convince us. That is just not the case. No matter how many times they tell us this, no matter how forcefully they try to ram it down our throats, the American people know better. And they don’t trust the government to make decisions for them. Poll after poll has shown us this.

That response is an innate sense of right and wrong, and the God given right to be free. It has nothing to do with these fictitious Nazi bastards that they’re claiming are out to “kill this reform by any means necessary”. Get that through your skulls, Oh Saviors of All That Is Deficit.

Okay. End rant.

As Palin points out, we hear these promises ALL THE TIME. We’re tired of them.

Sarah, keep writing and fighting. This is where you should be.

The Violent Conservative Lie

The Left has been painting protestors as violent, angry, riotous mobs. I think of the the same way as I think of their “Republicans are idiots” meme. It’s a way to discredit the opposition without actually tackling their ideas. This escalated around the time of the Tea Parties, which the racism accusations and the like being perpetuated by MS-NBC, CNN, etc. Not to mention the Janeane Garafolos and Joy Behars of the world.

Are their fringe right wingers who have been violent? Yes. But the majority of us cringe when we see them. I have been to many a Tea Party where I want to tear the signs out of people’s hands and ask them what the heck they’re thinking. However, to classify us as violent because of a few extremists that show up at Tea Parties is false.

Let’s look in the mirror, lefties. Case in point: Van Jones. I’ll let the videos do the talking.

Phil Kerpen summed it up on Fox and Friends this summer:

And he said himself that he was radicalized in jail, that he found communism and anarchism. And then he started a pretty radical, kind of communist, socialist, utopian group that was supposed to end all racism though central planning. And then he decided that the real path the sort of progressive nirvana, was the this green jobs idea.

So how do these people get through? Gibbs claims that the President doesn’t condone Jones’ past statements or actions. WaPo explains:

A White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a personnel matter, said Jones’s past was not studied as intensively as other advisers because of his relatively low rank.

Jones’s position did not require Senate confirmation, so he avoided the kind of vetting Cabinet officials were subjected to.

Don’t you love the anonymity? Anyway, he didn’t get the same vetting as Cabinet officials. Because he’s a czar. And czars don’t need confirmation. Which is my whole issue with them… unchecked power is bad, kids.

Then we have the commentators. Formerly civil TV host Montel Williams released this gem on his radio broadcast this week:

WILLIAMS (1:30:32): Michelle, slit your wrist.

Go ahead… or, do us all a better thing [sic].

Move that knife up about two feet.

Start right at the collarbone.

(H/T Michelle Malkin)

Nancy Pelosi has been vocal in her active demonization of protesters as well, stating that we’re an angry mob sporting swastikas. Here’s a great article from the Washington Times on Pelosi’s “Visions of Swastikas“.

And remember last week, when a 65 year old man got his finger bitten off by an Obamacare supporter from

Damon Root at the Sun Times published an article on the history of violence from the left, concluding with this:

“Have some ugly views cropped up at the recent health-care protests? Sure. But to take that as evidence of a centurylong battle between enlightened liberal reformers and knuckle-dragging laissez-faire racist goons is to believe in a self-serving fairy tale.

It’s time for any pundit who thinks that way to grow up.”

I couldn’t have summed it up better myself, Damon.

We Ain't In America No Mo'!


I almost showed up at this Town Hall protest in Reston, Virginia. I decided not to. This display is amazing.

Cheeks: “I’ll charge you with whatever I want to charge you with.”

Protester: “So you make the law too?”

Cheeks: “Put the picture down please.”

Protester: “This is America – This used to be America!”

Cheeks: “It ain’t no more, okay?”

Protester: “I know! That’s the point of the picture!”

Where do we live again? This used to be America. The protester gets a “because I said so” explanation, and the cop walks away. If anyone can identify the protester, I’d love to know who it is – email me.

It ain’t no more.” We aren’t America anymore. We are not the same country that we were, and this officer seems content with that. Either he hates America or… well, I don’t know what the other option is. This has nothing to do with signs. The sign itself is a little dumb… but that is not the point. The point is that there were no legal grounds for Cheeks to make him remove the sign, and Cheeks was clear that he was willing to make one up. The protester was threatened with a trespassing charge – which I would have LOVED to see Cheeks try to defend.

Constitutional? My thoughts are no. Allah Pundit debates.

Hilarious: Sponsors drop support for wingnut Glenn Beck

Liberal got all flustered with Glenn Beck for accusing Obama of being a racist. I don’t know about “racist”, since I am not in his head, but he is most definitely a racial opportunist, and Beck said what many are thinking. Being not-white doesn’t eliminate your capacity for racism. The president has been all too willing to play the race card at every given opportunity, even when it’s entirely irrelevant (*cough*LYNNSWEET*cough*)

This piece was brought to my attention this morning, and I’ll admit, I laughed out loud.

Conservatives’ faith in the free market must be dropping substantially today, as right-wing Fox News host Glenn Beck’s TV show has lost too many sponsors to count, including eight today. Some of the sponsors opting not to support Beck’s wingnuttery include Geico, CVS, Best Buy, Progressive, ConAgra, Wal-Mart, RadioShack, Procter and Gamble, SC Johnson and Sargento.

Right. Because one person said something controversial and is dealing with the consequences, our faith in the free market is crumbling. Boo hoo. Sorry, Alexa Dobson, this is far from earth shattering. Beck will be just fine, believe me. He’s not exactly hurting. In case you weren’t aware, it feeds ratings. Remember when Rush’s numbers jumped by 10 million after Obama started whining and picking fights?

The people pulling out of sponsorship are pulling out for economic reasons. They’re keeping quiet, careful not to rock the boat… it’s business. These things happen, and the sponsors have every right to pull out to protect their image if they want to. This does NOT serve as a reflection on Beck’s opinions, but as a recognition that it’s controversial, and could taint their image. Their decision to pull out is a business move, not an ideological one. They have every right to do so, and Beck is a big boy. He can handle it. And those who want to protest the sponsors have every right to do so as well. It’s how our country works, and if you expect faith in the free market to be shattered because one political analyst pisses off some sponsors, you’re sadly mistaken.

Apparently Playing God Is NOT Above Obama's Pay Grade…

President Obama had a call with Rabbis yesterday. It’s amazing what slips out of his mouth sometimes… From Politico.

A reader points out that President Obama’s call with the rabbis today — as recorded in Rabbi Jack Moline’s and other clerics‘ Twitter feeds — freights health care reform with a great deal of religious meaning, and veers into the blend of policy and faith that outraged liberals in the last administration.

“We are God’s partners in matters of life and death,” Obama said, according to Moline (paging Sarah Palin…), quoting from the Rosh Hashanah prayer that says that in the holiday period, it is decided “who shall live and who shall die.”

The president ended the call by wishing the rabbis “shanah tovah,” or happy new year — in reference to the High Holidays a month from now.

So. From reading the comments, it seems that liberals are under the impression that “shanah tovah” is the phrase we took issue with. Actually… not so much. It’s more that “partnership with God” thing that gets under my skin.

“We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.” REALLY?! This matches the theme of the “Obamessiah” that many Americans can’t seem to shake. Remember the Evan Thomas quote from earlier this summer?

“I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

No. He’s not “sort of God”. At all. He is a man. He is our President. He is in no way “partners” with God, let alone “sort of God”. It is not our job to control matters of life and death. I don’t care who you are. And for you lefties who will rail against me for the death penalty argument, I’m not for capital punishment either, so don’t get your panties in a twist. I don’t think it’s ever okay for us to decide when someone lives or dies – that power lies with God and God alone.

Summary: Using a Jewish greeting when speaking with Rabbis? Totally appropriate. Claiming we are “partners with God in matter of life and death”? Not so much. Saying as much make it seem like this sort of thing is up for negotiation. Last time I checked, God was the one in charge of this sort of thing.

Catch a Falling Czar

One of the members of King Obama’s court of unelected and unaccountable jesters has stepped down (possibly in a bid to regain self respect and once more look at her face in the mirror).

“Melissa Hathaway, who completed the Obama administration’s cybersecurity review in April, said in an interview that she was leaving for personal reasons. “It’s time to pass the torch,” she said, adding that she and her colleagues have provided an “initial down payment for what’s needed to start to address cybersecurity.”

She was a Bush-era gal, you see. So even though she did her job, the bulk of King Obama’s court was terribly unkind to her. Larry Summers, the genius “adviser” in charge of the economy, didn’t have much use for Ms. Hathaway.

Not that I can really blame Summers – I have no use for any of the czars. This isn’t pre-communist Russia, after all (though it appears to be pre-communist America), and we shouldn’t have all these unaccountable people running around with multi-billion dollar budgets and answering only to His Highness.